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Import and trade in sanitary equipment from Germany, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands and cork from Portugal

STANDARDIMPEX LTD IS OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR OF LIV, SLOVENIA FOR BULGARIA. The company has a warehouse located in Shumen-9700 / Bulgaria, blvd. Rishki Prohod 203. We work as a wholesaler and our partners are traders of sanitary ware in the major cities of the country, as well as chains like Masterhouse and Alati. The electronics today is part of the sanitary equipment. It is mainly used for urinals, wash basins, hand dryers, etc.. The introduction of sensory mechanisms into toilet cisterns is a hygienic advancement and is a modern way of avoiding direct contact with the classic mechanical turn on the water, which reduces the risk of various infectious diseases among people.

More cleanness and water savings with our sensor systems.

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Flushing cisterns

10 years of warranty, HDV inlet valve, ABS material and Simple regulation.

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Public toilet equipment

Electronic sets and toilet cisterns

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Pre-wall installation elements

for sink, for bidet, for urinals, for washing machines, washable walls etc.

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Single and double siphons for sinks and sanitary facilities.

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Toilet seats

Caps for WC with metal and plastic hinges.

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Sink Ausguss for service spaces and gardens.

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