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About us

The company is engaged in import and wholesale of sanitary equipment from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, The Netherlands and cork from Portugal:

  • Flushing cisterns;
  • Pre-wall installation structures with a flushing cisterns for a suspended toilet bowl and flushing plates to them; 
  • Pre-wall installation structures for a suspended bidet , urinals and washbasin;
  • Large assortment siphons;
  • Infrared sensor equipments for toilets and urinals for public bathrooms;
  • Enameled and Stainless steel utility sinks, type Ausguss, from Germany and Holland with a wide application in hotel, medical, laboratory and childcare facilities;
  • Corner taps ½” X 3/8”;
  • Cork rolls from Portugal.

Standardimpex is a official distributor of Fluidmaster LIV/ Slovenia for Bulgaria.

The company has a wholesale warehouse located in Shumen-9700 / Bulgaria, blvd. Rishki Prohod 203. We work with dealers for sanitary ware in the major cities of the country, as well as the chains Masterhouse and Alati.

Electronics today is part of the sanitary equipment. It is mainly used for urinals, wash basins, hand dryers and so on.

The introduction of sensory mechanisms into toilet cisterns is a hygienic advancement and the sanitary electronics is the most appropriate solution for hygiene issues in all public toilets and food production areas.

The new generation of JOG sensory activation systems have been upgraded with two more activation panels for non-contact activation. A plastic panel made of high quality materials-ASK, which is recommended for installation in private rooms and public toilets, which are not subject to vandalism. For public toilets exposed to vandalism, we recommend a CELESTINE panel, made of inox. The sensor activation panel for urinals known as HALITE, also made of inox, is suitable for public toilets.

More cleanness and water savings with our sensor systems.