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- I have decided to renovate my bathroom. Which type of the concealed cisterns would you recommend?

For renovation without shattering of the existing walls, the most appropriate type would be dry-mounting cistern Jog (or Tornado). Cistern is mounted, water supply connected, then the cistern (possibly with the entirely new installation) is covered with double plasterboard and then the ceramic tiles are laid. By installing a dry-mounting cistern, no valuable space in the bathroom is wasted, flushing plates give a modern touch to the bathroom, and wall-hung toilets provide a clean, uncluttered appearance of toilet space …

- Is there any guarantee for the concealed cistern Jog?

The producer KOLEKTOR LIV d.o.o. gives 10-year guarantee for the concealed cistern. 10-year guarantee applies to water-tightness of cistern casing, mechanical parts and load capacity. 2-year guarantee applies to mounting parts (filling valve and outlet closing valve).

- Is it possible to mount the push button Selenite on the cistern Tornado duo?

Revision opening of the cistern Tornado is larger, therefore it is impossible to mount flushing plates from the Selenite and Aplite range to this type of cistern. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the cistern Jog.

- Is the service of LIV cisterns provided and how?

In Slovene market, the service of cisterns within the guarantee period is carried out via parent company. Contact address: • KOLEKTOR LIV d.o.o., Industrijska cesta 2, 6230 Postojna • Phone: 05 728 39 27 • E-mail:

- What are the main differences between concealed and dry-mounting cisterns LIV?

The main difference is in the mounting of cistern. Concealed cisterns are usually built into wall, or surrounded by wall in case they are mounted on the existing wall. In any case, the bottom of the construction must lie on a firm basis. Usually, a 20 mm or 80 mm thick wall is set in front of the cistern. Dry-mounting cisterns have self-supporting construction which is mounted in front of the existing wall and covered with plasterboards. There is also the possibility of corner installation, installation into plasterboard, or installation as self-supporting element – more information in catalog on website …

- How to set the water level in the cistern Jog?

The water level is already preset. The amount of water when pressing on large push button is 9 l, and when pressing on small button it is 4.5 l. This setting usually proves to be the most appropriate for different types of sanitary ware. If you want to reduce the amount of flushing water, the setting is carried out on the outlet closing valve. Please, find detailed information in the instructions for use and on the label on protective cover of the cistern.

- Where can I buy filling valve for an older type of LIV cistern?

Spare parts are available at our wholesale dealers and consequently also at all retailers that offer sanitary equipment LIV.

HDV filling valve (ident 15932, article 5-226-530) is appropriate for installation in all visible and concealed cisterns LIV, and in most cisterns of other producers as well.